Is Arjun Kapoor really the 'most wanted munda'... we doubt!

Is Arjun Kapoor really the 'most wanted munda'... we doubt!

Remember the song 'most wanted munda' from Ki and Ka? Yes.. you guessed it right. It was picturised on Arjun Kapoor who is currently busy promoting his upcoming film Half girlfriend.

But in real life, his ex-girlfriends seem to avoid him like plague at social events. A birdie has informed us that recently Sonakshi Sinha backed out of a reality show which she is judging just because Kapoor was going to promote his film on the show. To help you recollect, Sonakshi and Arjun shared warm vibes during the making of Tevar (2015), but things went kaput as the film tanked.

Also, the birdie says, that at a social do when Alia Bhatt and Arpita Khan crossed his path both the ladies chose to ignore and avoid him. Alia and Arjun's had sizzling chemistry during the filming of Two states (2014), so much so that even daddy Mahesh Bhatt felt they were a couple. Kapoor had also proclaimed that Alia was a 'great' kisser. But in 2017 things seemed icy cold between these two as Alia found solace in Sidharth Malhotra's arms.

Madhav aka Arjun Kapoor dated Arpita khan too, when he was 18 and was mentored by bhaijaan Salman Khan then.Today Arpita is married to Ayush Sharma and is proud mother of Ahil. Arpita and Arjun are not on talking terms since their breakup and he was not on the guest list of Arpita's wedding.

One really wonders what transpires between Arjun and his ladies that they run to another direction the moment they see him? What's the matter....

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