Meaningful cinema is here to stay - Mahesh Manjrekar


Mumbai - He is a writer, actor, director, playwright and what not. He is none other than bollywood's favourite gangster movie Vaastav director Mahesh Manjrekar. For over a decade he has been into entertainment industry amusing one and all. Films like Kaante, Run, Wanted and Dabangg has seen his versatility as an actor, whereas he has also directed outstanding cinema which includes Vaastav: The reality which stars Sanjay Dutt in lead, Natsamrat starring Nana Patekar and much more. Mahesh Manjrekar reached Mumbai Live office on Thursday and gossiped at length with the employees and shared his views on cinema. The type of cinema he is making and people's reaction to the transformation in the cinema was also talked upon in the conversation with Mahesh Manjrekar.