NCPA's broadway-styled musical Gandhi wows audiences again


NCPA's finest musical on the life of Gandhi titled Gandhi – The Musical, by Silly Point Productions completed its second season recently.

The musical traces and explores Gandhi’s periodic journey over time throwing light on his experiences, struggles & actions for the attainment of freedom coupled with song & dance and music comprising various genres.

Talking about the show, the director Danesh Khambata said, “I feel glad that audiences have appreciated our work & have welcomed us yet again through the second season. It was wonderful to see audiences from different age groups come & watch the play and enjoy it. We thought of presenting Gandhi’s story in a unique way through a Broadway-styled musical and looking at the response we have received in the first & second season of our show, I think we have been successful in doing that.”

Aided by the positive word-of-mouth, the makers have managed to generate an avid interest on Gandhi’s life in a musical format coupled with song & dance, something which has never been tried before in Indian theatre space.

Deepa Gahlot, Head Programming, shared her thought and experience by saying, “It was wonderful working on this unique production that took Gandhi's message to a new generation and even more heartening to find audiences relating to it. The energy and sincerity of the play is just so energising.”

The Musical is a grandeur of sorts and adds a certain novelty in the way stories on Gandhi are portrayed, and live singing by the actors, coupled with energetic choreography by the artistes adds a lot of value to the show

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