Sadly, Shyam Rangeela bears a huge loss for mimicking Modi…

Did Star Plus suck up to political hooligans and give an unfair treatment to Shyam Rangeela on The Great Indian Laughter Challenge?

Sadly, Shyam Rangeela bears a huge loss for mimicking Modi…

Focusing on anything but their business (read: politics) and interfering in every way to alter creative decisions is what politicians, across the nation, love doing. Be it for a film like Padmavati, or even a simple mimicry by Shyam Rangeela, Political hooligans leave no stone unturned to show their ugly game of influence.

Sadly, the channel creative team also plays a part – at the cost of someone losing a golden opportunity.

A few days back, videos of Shyam Rangeela were watched by millions of people across the world, for he has the talent to mimic our PM Narendra Modi, to the best. His voice modulation, diction, and strengths of being as good as Modi did get him fame, but sadly short-lived.

In a recent interview with a news publication, Shyam mentioned that he was called by Star Plus’ creative team to be a part of their comedy show ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ and he grabbed the opportunity to be on National television. The episode was shot and the video started to spread his talent across social media, but hail the ‘ever-so-emotional-and-desperate’ political influencers, the creatives were asked not to telecast the episode.

(Video courtesy: The Wire)

Shyam, in the interview, also mentioned that he was later asked by the production to only mimic Rahul Gandhi and not Modi. But later, he was spared from not mimicking the former too, leaving very less content for Shyam. Upon performing his ‘forcefully revised’ act, Shyam was told that the content was weak, eventually leading to his elimination.

Such an act by the production, channel and political influencers is deeply upsetting and insulting, as these artists prepare hard to make everyone laugh. Had he used an ill, foul language or irrelevant facts and information with Modi’s voice, an action could have been taken, but just a mimicry act doesn’t deserve such a treatment and outcome.

Shyam Rangeela is obviously upset with this injustice.

Further, the political influence has taken another step further, where the channel has decided to not telecast his episode, and all the other videos relation to his ‘modi mimicry’ have been removed from YouTube.

What next? Would political buttering cost Shyam and many other creative souls their job? We hope not!

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