Zee TV’s new show Sethji to see a clash between traditional vs. digital India

    Zee TV’s new show Sethji to see a clash between traditional vs. digital India
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    While Indian society underwent several tangible and intangible changes amidst its economic transformation, there were some who chose not to forget their roots and stuck to their culture, values and traditions. Such is the story based in a small town of Devsu, which considers its borders sacred and is far away from corruption, temptation and dishonesty. When one part of our nation is moving ahead digitally, there are small places like Devsu, which do not believe in modernizing the lives.

    The show will see Gurdeep Kohli in a strong character of Sethji, who only wants to safeguard Devsu’s interests by watching over its people and every development like a hawk. While giving technological advancement a cold shoulder, Devsu still manages to offer old-world solutions to every conceivable need of its inhabitants. Devsu draws its rooted yet progressive personality from its feisty, 38-year-old leader, Sethji, a woman of substance. A perfect blend of autocratic power and sensitivity, Sethji rules Devsu with an iron hand and at the same time is devoted to her equally important roles of being a loving mother, mother-in-law and grandmother. Her command is the final word in Devsu. This show will mark Gurdeep Kohli's comeback on Indian TV after a long break. Check the video below to know what he has to say about the show and her role.

    On the contrary, there is an unlikely love story will develop between Sethji’s beloved son Baaji Rao, an innocent boy who has never seen anything beyond the borders of his village and Pragati, a fearless modern girl and a firm advocate of technology from across the border. She enters Devsu on her own personal mission unaware that people from outside are not allowed in the village.

    Talking about the same, producer Divya Ratna Dixit shares, 

    "India is fast moving towards modernization and we are trying to emulate the West in several aspects, whether it be music, clothes, language or ideologies. However, in this process, we have forgotten our own rich culture and heritage. We feel inferior if we cannot converse in English or look down upon people who cannot. We feel our growth is totally dependent on our ability to speak English. I also feel the transition has been so fast that it has left a huge gap between the generations. Our show Sethji touches upon this chord and brings to the viewers a Utopian world, where two worlds co-exist in the same time period but with completely contrary ideologies. The show is an attempt to make people realize that we should be proud of India and happiness is not dependent merely on having the latest technology or gadgets. It is about striking a balance and taking the best from both the worlds. Also, breaking stereotypes and dispelling myths is our Sethji, who is an authoritative, strong woman but is feminine in her demeanour.”

    Can the ‘aadarshon waala Bharat’ and the ‘Pragati wala India’ take cues from each other, match each other step-for-step and walk towards a Utopian state that combines the best of both worlds? #IndiaBhiBharatBhi. Produced by Offshore Productions and premiering on 17th April, ZEE TV’s new primetime show ‘Sethji’ will bring forward an intriguing story of the “ram-rajya village – Devsu”, that runs on its own set of rules and principles. But will it change and transform with modern thoughts?

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