Just 76 Hectares of forest land left in the suburbs?

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    Just 76 Hectares of forest land left in the suburbs?
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    As alarming as it may sound, but according to an affidavit submitted by the Forest Department, the complete region of Aarey is just left with 76 hectares of forest area. The total area of Aarey is covered by 2076 hectares of forest, out of which 586 hectare has been developed. Hence the question here pops up as to what happened to the remaining 1,441 hectare.

    On the other hand, the forest department was unable to find the related documents missing despite the fact the orders for the submission was issued. Hence, it took some time for the officials before they could submit the date-wise information for the arbitration. But it was only on Thursday that the forest department was able to submit an affidavit that claimed only 76 acres of land in Aarey is left.

    Biju Augustine, a member of Aarey stated that no matter how much the authorities try to conceal the documents so as to get hold of the forest area for development purposes; she won’t let their efforts win. Meanwhile, the next hearing for the arbitration will be conducted on 22 May.

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