ALM: Ensuring a cleaner and a greener Mumbai

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    ALM: Ensuring a cleaner and a greener Mumbai
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    At the time when the foundation was built for ALM, it resolved to make Mumbai completely clean and green. In the starting years, the whole of Mumbai had 600 ALM centres, but with time this number has reduced to 276 only. Yet, this proves the point that it is not just excitement that works in the long run. A lot of problems have to be dealt with so as to accomplish the task of making Mumbai completely clean and green.

    The municipal corporation of the G/North ward is already trying its levelled best to cater to the solid waste management standards under the ALM. The forum officer, Ashok Rawat stated that irrespective of the fact that there are two separate trucks for dry and wet waste, it does not make much of a difference since eventually both kinds of waste are ultimately mixed into one.

    On the other hand, ALM official Subhash Patil says that all the 24 wards in Mumbai have 2 trucks for waste management which the people can use separately, as and when the need arises.

    So whether there are two trucks or one, the bottom-line is that Mumbai has to stay clean and green.

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