Citizens plan 'Chipko' movement against MMRC to save trees

Citizens plan 'Chipko' movement against MMRC to save trees
Citizens plan 'Chipko' movement against MMRC to save trees
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Mumbai- Citizens are lobbying to save the trees which are to be chopped for the Metro 3 project at Churchgate and Cuffe Parade. Residents have adopted the idea of the iconic‘Chipko Movement’ to save the trees.

The Chipko Movement, started in the 1970s, was the brainchild of noted environmentalist Sunderlal Bahuguna, who launched a non violent movement aimed at protecting and conserving forests from being destroyed in the Garhwal region. The name of the Chipko moment originated from the word 'embrace' as the villagers used to hug the trees and protect them from wood cutters from cutting them.

Mumbaikars have adopted this movement to save the city's trees. A local resident, Nira Punj while talking to Mumbai Live said that she will hold on to the trees if the authorities come to cut them. Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) was to cut the trees on Tuesday but now it is being said that the trees will be cut on Wednesday. Punj also said that the matter is in the courts and  no decision has been taken yet,  but the MMRC seems to be in a hurry to cut the trees. Even though the land has not yet been transferred to it yet, the MMRC is going ahead with its tree cutting plans, allege residents.

MMRC executive director R Ramana has said that MMRC is abiding all the rules and has all the required documents. While on the one hand, the government appeals to people to plant more trees, trees are been cut down in the name of development. Reducing the already depleted green cover of Mumbai is not in the best interest of the city, allege concerned residents.



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