Watch Flamingos at Sewri Jetty

Watch Flamingos at Sewri Jetty

Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) organized a flamingo watching the programme on 16 april and 30 April near Sewri Jetty located in Sewri (east). Bird lovers will get a glimpse of the flock of flamingos in Sewri jetty. 

The point has the large area of mudflats which is a protective and safer habitat for flamingos in winter and even has food availability. A large number of flamingos reach along with their babies from their breeding area in Sewri each year. 

They arrive and stay between the month of October to March. Bilwade Kale, PRO (BNHS) told Mumbai Live that people are excited about the programme and we are getting the positive response. 

For more information contact on the number - 022-22871202, 22821811 or log on to

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