Honey, I shrunk the river…

    Honey, I shrunk the river…
    Mumbai  -  

    Dahisar- Once a wellknown river in the area, the Dahisar river now is now turning into a stinking small nullah.

    The reason - industrial effluents that are being spewed by surrounding companies which throw their waste into the river. This practice is not just polluting the river water but is changing its colour as well. This is also causing inconvenience to the residents due to the foul smell emanating at all hours. Local residents have demanded that walls be built around the river and have asked that companies be prohibited from releasing untreated waste into it.
    “We know that the Dahisar river is very close to Borivalikars and so we have asked chief minister Devendra Fadnavis to intervene. He has expressed interest in the welfare of the river and the beautification and cleaning project will be undertaken soon,” said Pravin Darekar, former MLA told Mumbai Live.
    The locals have been struggling to save Dahisar river for a long time. Apart from industrial effluents, there have been instances of buffalo carcasses being dumped into the river that flows from the National Park. The shrinking river has often been a cause of concern for the city's environmentalists.   

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