Making Mumbai greener by declaring areas as ‘no-ferrywala’ area

    Making Mumbai greener by declaring areas as ‘no-ferrywala’ area
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    To make Mumbai clean and green, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation founded the Advanced Locality Management in the year 1998. Since then, right now 276 ALM centers are functional right now. A part of this is the Sheetla Devi Citizen Forum in Mahim which was founded in the year 2003 and the target of this forum to make the whole of Mahim spick and span.

    As of now, specifically, this part of ALM consists of 28 housing societies, 3 wards and 10 thousand residents. Hence, given all this, it is quite obvious that every day a good 4 lakh and 50 thousand kilos of waste is collected from the municipal corporation every day.

    As a  matter of fact, more than 200 plants have been already planted by the Sheetla Devi Forum in Mahim and these plants are taken care of religiously. As a result, this area has been made a ‘No-ferrywala Area’. Reason being the hawkers who come here dump garbage here and there.

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