Rain, Rain, Come Again: IMD forecasts showers September 25 onwards in Mumbai

India Meteorological Department has forecasted that September 25 onwards Mumbai and nearby areas will be having rainfall again. However, it will also mark an end to the season.


As the monsoon seemed to be ending in Mumbai and as the rains have gradually subsided to a light drizzle, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecasted that the rains will be continuing soon. As per the forecast, September 25 onwards, Mumbai and the surrounding areas will see a returning monsoon.

The forecast further goes on to describe that Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan will face rainfall on September 20 and 22 and later from September 25, Mumbai and nearby areas will have light rainfall. The department further added that there are really low chances of heavy rainfall and there will only be meagre rainfall in Maharashtra along with Mumbai.

Due to decreasing rainfall in Mumbai, only 48 per cent rain was recorded this year as compared to average. However, due to heavy rains at the beginning of the season, Mumbai has managed adequate water storage.

IMD stated that with light rainfall, the monsoon season will soon be over.