Mumbai Monsoon over? Not yet...

As per the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the temperature is likely to remain on the higher side with a few showers expected soon


Mumbaikars who witnessed a sweltering Sunday are likely to face the same for the next few days. On Sunday, Colaba observatory recorded a maximum temperature of 34.6 degree Celsius which was a 5-degree jump from Saturday, while IMD Santacruz observatory recorded a maximum temperature of 36.1 degree Celsius.

As per the IMD, September 30 usually marks the end of rainfall in Mumbai but the date is likely to be postponed and it will be the same across the entire country.

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Meanwhile, this year, in the span of four months, the IMD Colaba observatory recorded 1,779.3mm rainfall, while the IMD Santa Cruz observatory recorded 2,239.6 mm rainfall. The required annual average rainfall for Mumbai is 2,373.4 mm which clearly shows that Mumbai is yet to meet its target.

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