Cities around the world which can compete with Mumbai in rainfall count

Mumbai rains are quite popular around the world for the right and wrong reasons but is Mumbai the only city where the rain gods are generous? Well, no! The amount of rainfall these cities receive will surprise you

Cities around the world which can compete with Mumbai in rainfall count

When Mumbai faced one of the darkest days in the city's history on 26th July, 2005, the city recorded around 944 mm of rainfall in just one day! The entire city came to a standstill and unfortunately, many people lost their lives in the calamity. Cut to 2019, it started raining just as the month of June ended and with a couple of days of heavy rains, right from walls collapsing to railway schedules getting messed up, chaos spread once again in the financial capital of India. But does rain only fall in Mumbai? Certainly not! These cities around the world receive A LOT of rainfall throughout the year but things don’t get as messy as they do in Mumbai, do they?  

Quibdó, Colombia

With a population of just over 100,000, Quibdó — the largest city in the department of Choco, Colombia — sees a staggering 288.5 inches (7,328 mm) of rainfall each year. Located near the mountains on Colombia’s western side, Quibdó has no dry season and it rains nearly every day of the year (304 rainy days on average). 

Kochi, India

This major port city in South India is subject to a tropical monsoon climate and high temperatures all year. It gets nearly 120 inches (3000 mm) of rain annually, most of which falls between the months of May and October.

Cayenne, French Guiana

The capital city of the only French-speaking nation in South America rests just north of the Equator and has a tropical coastal climate. The city developed along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and in addition to being known for colonial French heritage and Cayenne pepper, it is one of the wettest cities in South America with 147 inches (3,744 mm) of rain each year and 212 rainy days.

Belem, Brazil

Measuring in with 113 inches (2,870 mm) a year, Belem doesn’t see the same jaw-dropping numbers as cities in other South American countries. However, it receives rainfall on an average of 251 days a year.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is usually warm and sunny, with light showers that pass quickly and give way to blue skies. You may want to be careful if visiting between the months of July and September however; Taiwan is hit by three or four typhoons ever year that can drop over 100 inches (2500 mm) of rain in just a few months.

Mumbai receives approximately 2400 mm of rainfall annually, but the question remains: Does the city face the same problems every year because of 'climate change'/natural reasons, or are the people and officials responsible for creating a situation where we can't deal with the weather conditions. 

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