Google pays tribute to Savitribai Phule

    Pali Hill
    Google pays tribute to Savitribai Phule
    Mumbai  -  

    Mumbai- Today, Google remembers Savitribai Phule on her 186th birthday with a doodle. It's a colourful doodle with Savitribai Phule embracing women, symbolising her efforts to empower and educate them. It shows many women gathered at a place, probably a school, where they are being taught. Born into a family of farmers in Naigaon, Maharashtra, she was nine years old when she got married to 13-year-old Jyotirao Phule. She was one of the first modern Indian feminists. It was she who stood up against widows shaving their heads. She also opened a care center for pregnant rape victims and helped deliver their children. The care center was called "Balhatya Pratibandhak Griha".

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