The Best Women Eyeglasses For your New Year Wardrobe

The Best Women Eyeglasses For your New Year Wardrobe

As the new year is right around the corner, we're all promising to do something for the year ahead. How about making a fashion resolution this time? Have you ever thought about reinventing your style this season? If not, then there is no better time than this. And what can bring freshness to your look more than your eyewear? Eyeglasses are a fashion accessory that can upgrade your style quotient instantly without much work. Today we have so many eyewear options that complement every woman's style, taste, profession, and mood. Thus officially classifying glasses as the best accessory that can enhance your wardrobe.

Get a close look at the newest trends in spectacle frames for ladies in varied shapes and elevated styles. As we take you through a list of our favourite designs and the frames set to rule 2021, keep scrolling. 


These oval-shaped spectacle frames for ladies will bring an extreme shift to your appearance. Oval frames are contemporary and elegant that is ideal for both formal and casual occasions. The oval eyeglass frames flatter almost any face shape with balanced characteristics in a modern and classic look. If you want a chic retro look, go for these versatile spectacles. 


A remarkable shift for the love of over-sized frames clearly shows that the pandemic has influenced the patterns in glasses this year. Trends in spectacle frames for ladies are steadily changing from mini, mid-90 frames to massive face-shielding choices. These oversized pair would not let you go unnoticed. These silver square rimmed eyeglasses from RayBan will lend you a throwback vibe and will escalate your regular outfits like nothing else. 

Thin Rimmed Geometric

Geometric glasses are available in many shapes, such as octagon, hexagon, square, and rectangle. Look at these spectacle frames for ladies in rose gold, suitable for a fun night out as well as professional meet-ups. They are an excellent choice for highlighting or accentuating your facial features, particularly if you have a round face.


Tortoiseshell glasses in unique designs are one of the best choices, second only to oversized ones if you want to keep in line with the latest eyewear trends. Forget the dull brown tortoiseshell; these spectacle frames for ladies have a sophisticated pattern and subtle colour palettes that can complement your skin tone and hair! If paired with a classic high neck cardigan and boots, these make for an impressive statement.


Ditch your traditional cat eye and choose these half-rimmed cat-eye spectacle frames for ladies. These Titan glasses feature an upswept browline at the temples that taper upwards, making this style different and unique. You can never go wrong with a pair of retro cat-eye sunglasses as they are ideal for weekend getaways as well as your regular office days.

Kickstart your New Year in Style 

If you've been living in your comfiest clothes or have been shopping online more than ever, there have been several changes in our fashion approach this year. One good thing about getting more time on our hands at home is that we have a chance to upgrade our wardrobes with new accessories. With a wide range of options available in spectacle frames for ladies, styling your new year wardrobe has become more convenient.

Premium and reliable brands like Titan Eyeplus act as a one-stop destination for helping you choose the chicest spectacles to give you a style upgrade this 2021. Visit their website, avail the facility of a virtual try-on, and shop from the comfort of your home.

Eyewear shopping no longer has to be exhausting and boring!