86 Govindas injured till now amidst Dahi Handi celebrations

On September 3, on the occasion of Dahi Handi, 86 Govindas have been injured so far. They have been admitted to hospital and many of them have been discharged after treatment


Dahi Handi is a festival that is awaited by youngsters across the state for its way of celebration. The Govindas or Dahi Handi participants must break the ‘Handi’ after climbing on a human pyramid. However, during the celebrations every year, several people end up getting hurt. This year, 86 Govindas have been reported injured across Mumbai and have been taken to hospitals. While some have been gravely injured, several have been discharged after slight treatment.

Till 2:00 pm on September 3, 36 Govindas were told to be injured, out of which, 18 of them have been admitted to hospital. Two of the injured are being treated at Parel’s KEM Hospital, one at Byculla’s JJ Hospital, two at Mulund’s Agrawal Hospital, two at Nair Hospital, two at Rajawadi Hospital, two at Mahatma Phule Hospital, three Govindas have been admitted at Bandra’s Bhabha Hospital, two at SK Patil Hospital, two at Podar Hospital and one Govinda has been admitted at Santacruz’s VN Desai Hospital.

Amongst which, Kalelkar Govinda Pathak’s Raviraj Gangaram Chandorkar, Janhavi Jayvant Patode, Ganesh Govinda Pathak’s Manali Sudhir Mene, Shankar Baburao Kaglaram, Amey Hirachand Patil and Yagna Balkrishna More have been dismissed from KEM Hospital after treatment.

By 4:00 pm, 60 Govindas were told to be injured. Out of which, 40 were under treatment and 20 of them were discharged. Whereas, by 7:00 pm, 86 Govindas were reported injured amongst which, 37 are under treatment and 48 have been discharged and a 27-year-old's life was claimed.

However, during practice on Sunday, 14-year-old Chirag Patekar got seriously injured and was immediately rushed to Khar’s Holy Family Hospital. On Monday, MLA Ashish Shelar visited his family and helped them by giving them an assistance of ₹1,00,000.