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Dahi Handi participant dies during celebrations due to an epileptic attack

The 27-year-old was a Dharavi resident and eventually was participating in the Dahi Handi competition when suddenly he suffered from an epileptic attack. After which, Kush Khandare fell on his head resulting to his death.

  • Dahi Handi participant dies during celebrations due to an epileptic attack

Dahi Handi celebrations turned fatal for 27-year-old Govinda Kush Khandare who was a part of a Dahi Handi participants’ group. This year particularly, the police has been strictly told to take measures to prevent any mishaps during the festival but even after that, several Govindas have been injured.

A Dharavi resident, Kush Khandare was a part of the human pyramid that was going to break the ‘handi’. However, he suddenly suffered an epileptic attack and fell on his head.

Falling on his head caused a grave injury to Kush Khandare, who was a part of Dharavi’s Bal Gopal Mitramandal and was with the group for the celebrations. After falling, Khandare was immediately rushed to Sion Hospital where the doctors declared him dead after examining him.

The number of people injured and now the death a 27-year-old youngster certainly raises an alarming question about the way we are celebrating festivals. It is high time we figured out a solution to this when festivals are a means of joy and not a disaster.