BMC finally admits of 44 illegal Ganpati Mandals in Mumbai

Earlier, the municipal corporation had made a claim that there were no illegal mandals in the city and the state government’s allegation on them was false.

BMC finally admits of 44 illegal Ganpati Mandals in Mumbai

In a turn of events, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) admitted in Bombay High Court that there are 44 Ganpati mandals in the city which are illegal. The court had already instructed BMC as well as the state government to ban illegal Ganpati mandals. However, despite the court’s order, BMC had issued permission to 44 mandals which can now be a matter of trouble for the officials as the court intends to try them under charges of ‘contempt of court’.

Accordingly, it is possible that the court might make a decision about the same during a hearing on Monday.

Earlier, during a hearing on Wednesday, the state government told the court that more than 300 Ganpati mandals in the city were illegal. In response, the municipal corporation had raised an objection. After which, the court had questioned the state government and asked them to provide clarification about the same.

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Accordingly, the municipal corporation took necessary action against the illegal mandals. Initially, 32 mandals out of 863 were found illegal. However, upon a second inspection, the municipal corporation found total 44 mandals illegal. BMC clarified that the concerned officials who gave the permission to the illegal mandals have been asked for an explanation.

In response, the court lashed out at BMC saying that it asking for a pardon every time is not feasible and the court will make a harsh decision this time. The next hearing will happen on Monday.

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