Ganesh Chaturthi..'A celebration or an environmental catastrophe'

    Ganesh Chaturthi..'A celebration or an environmental catastrophe'
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    “The Lord neither arrives nor leaves. He has existed before time and will exist beyond. Ganesh Utsav is symbolic of our lives. We arrive, we celebrate, we merge into the elements”

    The celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with faith and grandeur. The quote above is the very essence of this festival but the Ganpati bappa that we worship is in bits and pieces immediately after the visarjan. Is our devotion limited to the 11 days of the festival? The extent of destruction to nature after our so-called devotional celebration of our vignaharta is unimaginable. We don’t take responsibility of all that we throw into the sea - be it nirmalya (flowers which are showered at the feet of the Lord) or the idol itself - all that remains is a total mess. There will come a time when Mother Nature will throw all that we have hurled at her back to us. In fact, we have seen her wrath in the calamities of Kedarnath and Pashupatinath.

    Let’s get God conscious rather than be a mirror of God consciousness and leave a pure world for our future generations to celebrate.

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