Night out: Indian style

    Night out: Indian style
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    After Navratri comes Kojagiri Poornima, which is also called as Sharad Poornima as it falls in Sharad rutu which means autumn season. Kojagiri actually is Kojagiti which means who is awake in Sanskrit. It is believed that on Kojagiri night, Goddess Laxmi comes on earth looking for those who are awake and homes which are lit and clean and blesses them with prosperity. People stay awake whole night either by playing dandiya or by arranging a get-together. Kheer or other delicacies of milk are made and kept in a bowl on the terrace or open spaces overnight so moonlight can reflect in that. It is believed that when consumed, it enhances health and well-being. On this day Lord Shiva is worshiped by offering kheer or other milk delicacies.

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