India's tallest Christmas tree is right here in Mumbai!

The Saldanha family has been looking after this 65-feet Christmas tree for the last 45 years

India's tallest Christmas tree is right here in Mumbai!

Christmas is incomplete without the flagship Christmas tree which adds glam and grace to the yearly festival. Usually, the Christmas tree is 4-10 feet tall but there is one such tree which is 60-65 feet tall in our very own Worli’s Adarsh Nagar, Mumbai. For the last 45 years, the Saldanha family has been taking care of this tree who got its name recorded in a Limca Book of Records.

45-year-old Christmas tree

The Saldanha family starts decorating this 60-65 feet tall tree 20 days prior to Christmas. This year, they have decorated the tree with 10,000 twinkle lights, have placed small miniatures of Santa Claus, bell and snowman.

History of the legendary tree

In 1970, Douglas Saldanha and his sister Twila Saldanha saw this majestic Christmas tree at their friend's place in the same neighborhood which was then 6-7 feet tall. However, as it was growing, Saldanha's friend found it difficult to keep it in the gallery.

Then Saldanha siblings bought it for ₹250. It kept growing day by day and today, the height of the tree is staggering 65 feet.

Record-breaking tree

Saldanha claims that their tree is not only the tallest in Mumbai but across India. Every Christmas, people throng Saldanha’s house to catch a glimpse of this tree.

In 2013, this tree bagged a place in Limca Book of Records and this year, the tree made its way in the India Book of Record.

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Picture Credit - Manikandan

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