Dahi Handi Utsav Samanway Samiti to ask organisers to purchase spot insurance

Dahi Handi Utsav Samanway Samiti is the umbrella body for various Govinda groups and on Saturday, they told organisers to purchase 'spot insurance' in case of any untoward incident


Dahi Handi festival is just two weeks away and as it draws closer, the Govinda groups will be seen gearing to present their skills by participating in various human pyramid competitions across the city. However, in order to ensure the jest of the festival does not get ruined, members of Dahi Handi Utsav Samanway Samiti, which is the umbrella body of mandals, met the Govinda groups and explained to them the importance of insurance.

Alongside, the committee had decided in the meeting to approach the organisers to purchase spot insurance for the Govinda groups. However, the committee members said that every Govinda performing in the city has a life cover on a priority basis.

Arun Patil, a committee member explained that an insurance cover of ₹10 lakh is provided to the participant for a one-time premium of ₹75 so that in case of any untoward accident, they can claim the insurance.

According to reports, around 219 Govindas in 2018 who formed human pyramids on the day of the festival were injured whereas 963 Dahi Handi groups had purchased life cover for their members.  

Therefore, now the committee will approach Dahi Handi organisers to purchase 'spot insurance' for Govindas performing in their areas. Accordingly, the organisers can purchase insurance cover for pathaks performing for them at the cost of ₹250 per group.

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