Swanky Viper Air Bar Promises To Bring The Best Of Both Worlds To Lokhandwala!

Viper Air Bar offers an eclectically tasteful mix of global cuisine paired with the finest of alcohol and modern interiors.

  • Swanky Viper Air Bar Promises To Bring The Best Of Both Worlds To Lokhandwala!
  • Swanky Viper Air Bar Promises To Bring The Best Of Both Worlds To Lokhandwala!
  • Swanky Viper Air Bar Promises To Bring The Best Of Both Worlds To Lokhandwala!

Clear your evening schedules Mumbai! Lokhandwala is all set to become home to the brand new Viper Air Bar, a 180-degree bar and kitchen that promises to tantalize your taste buds with its fusion food and drinks galore and win you over with the sophistication and opulence that this dazzling city truly deserves.

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Nestled in a prime locality and a stone’s throw away from Yashraj Film Studios on Veera Desai Road, Viper Air Bar is an otherworldly encounter in its own. It features an indoor dining area laden with soothing turquoise seating, gold embellishments on the wall and modern-day chandeliers. While one wall depicts their quintessential logo, an emblem of the good times, the open bar on the opposite showcases glowing bottles and never-ending drinks. Different zones of the inimitable place play different music, catering to everyone’s needs. Paired with that is an outdoor section of intimate seating options and idiosyncratic trees of lights, to let the guests enjoy a gust of Mumbai winds and an evening of glee and ecstasy.

On the launch, Owner of Viper Air Bar Avinash Rai said,

Since centuries, the viper has signified rebirth and transformation, and that is precisely what the Viper Air Bar represents. Our goal is to bring back the era of luxury and comfort that the city has always been familiar with. We hope to create an unforgettable gala for our diners with our varied range of lip-smacking food and heavenly beverages set amidst appealing interiors and glorious music.

The menu offers satiating portions of Spanish, Modern Indian, Italian, European and Continental dishes, designed by Head Chef Dev Singh Negi, one of the most renowned names in the Indian culinary industry along with chef Vipul Kore. A firm believer of amalgamating local and global palates, some of his signature dishes at Viper include Tango Saar, Makka Arancini, Naga Wings, Sarson da Swag, Viper's Sizzler, Pesce Express and more. 

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Their speciality includes Sizzlers, Kickass Hummus sprinkled with flax seeds and paprika along with the most unique companion one can ever come across- Thecha dip. A popular Maharashtrian chutney thecha is mixed with mayonnaise and that can make the best fusion one can ever ask for. One can even ask for a vegetarian or non-vegetarian platter which includes the best of all dishes together. 

Along with the regular cocktails, Viper's signature cocktails are something one can look out for. Their speciality includes Killer Bee which is a perfect blend of dark rum, honey and nutmeg. Also, BITIS which is a unique cocktail with Bourbon whiskey, vanilla syrup with a foam on top with spices. 



Must try- Jugalbandi i.e. mushrooms, basa fish, prawn tester, viper kamikaze shots, killer bee cocktail and BITIS cocktail. 

Can avoid- Pasta and fish fingers.

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