5 amazing ingredients in your kitchen that have medicinal properties

5 amazing ingredients in your kitchen that have medicinal properties

Medicines help us to fight disease but the job of remaining healthy is carried out by the human beings itself. The human body is self-sufficient in nature. Our systems are constructed in such a way that if we get enough nutrients for our tissues and cells if our blood circulates well if our breathing is correct and if we expel toxins and waste materials properly and regularly we can enjoy a full life span. Most diseases are the result of wrong eating habits.  By changing our food habits and understanding the qualities of food and how they interact with each other, we can maintain our body without and medicine. 

A well known Ayurveda text, Sushruta Samhita states, “By changing dietary habits the human organism may be cured without using any medicine while with hundreds of good medicines diseases of the human organism cannot be cured if the food is wrong. The right food is the only key to good health”.

Indian kitchen has hundreds of ingredients in the form of herbs and spices which has its own medicinal benefits. Each of the ingredients has its own role to play. When we understand the properties of these ingredients and use them effectively then we can stay in the best of our health. Though the list of Indian kitchen ingredients is too big, some of them are mentioned below with their properties.

Fenugreek Seeds :

Methi dana contains all micronutrients, that is, vitamins & minerals, especially iron, manganese & B vitamins. It also has little protein & calcium. Helps in diabetes management. It aids in weight loss, helps to overcome menstrual cramp, promotes heart health, supports hair growth.

Cumin Seeds :

Jeera provides the daily value of fat (MUFA). It has vitamin B & E and several minerals, especially iron and magnesium. Cumin seeds contain petroselinic acid (this acid helps in moisturizing the skin, anti-ageing agent and a skin irritation reducing agent). It promotes digestion, prevents foodborne illnesses & improves blood cholesterol.

Carom Seeds :

Ajwaiin is rich in vitamins & Minerals. Ajwaiin gives instant relief from acidity and indigestion. Treats common cold. Good for ear and toothache and also for cleaning wound. It can also be used as mosquito repelant and eases the pain due to arthritis.

Turmeric :

This is the most important weapon in the Indian kitchen. Very low amount of protein and fat. They have little carbohydrate, manganese, Iron, potassium, vitamin C.

Poppy Seeds :

Opium is the main component present inside a poppy seed pod. It is milk fluid and contains morphine, codiene, thebaine, naloxone. Morphine acts directly on the central nervous system to decrease the feeling of pain. Codiene is a suppressent which helps to suppress moderate pain. Rich in thiamine, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc.

Start adding these in your meals for healthy living.

The above article is contributed by Ms. Bhavani Swaminathan 

A nutritionist, professor, researcher, and founder of Aakanksha, Desire For Wellness, Ms. Bhavani Swaminathan is here to help people live healthy through diet. M.Sc in Food & Nutrition, Calcutta University, M.Phil, University of Mumbai and Pursuing Ph.D. from the University of Mumbai, this Tamilian born dietician has a very simple take on food, “home-cooked meal is a labour of love”.

Dedicated and passionate for her cause she aspires to aid people struggling with health issues to achieve a good level of mental and physical well-being. With a strong belief that fitness of mind and body is a perpetual journey and not a destination, she believes mindful eating can help lead a healthy and happy life.