Are you eating cancer?

  • Are you eating cancer?

Mumbai - We don't blame you if your mouth waters on spotting a hot vada paav, a luscious samosa or piping hot bhajiyas at a roadside eatery.

But may we add a bit of caution here? Do check whether you are being served in a plate or a piece of newspaper. If your goodies come wrapped in a piece of newsprint, it is pretty likely that you may be inviting the dreaded C.
Surprised? But this is true. The FSSAI has also confirmed that the ink used in printing newspapers when ingested, increases the chances of cancer. As per the FSSAI, which is the body governing the quality of food in the country, the food items consumed on a piece of newspaper get contaminated by harmful chemicals such as pigment, winders etc which are all potentially carcinogenic. The FSSAI has hence banned the use of newspapers as a means of wrapping food in.
The Union government had constituted a law to address this issue but as is the national norm, it is not being implemented in letter or spirit. The common man remains unaware of the imminent dangers. Meanwhile, shall we say the eateries are getting away with murder?

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