Mother dies of dengue within nine days of giving birth

Bhandup resident Deepa Mourya dies of a dengue after delivering a baby who contracts dengue as well


Nothing can match a mother embracing her newborn baby. However, in case of Bhandup resident Deepa Mourya, who could not hold her newborn baby in her arms as right after delivering, she slipped into a coma and after nine days, she took her last breath in Mulund's Fortis Hospital.

On October 16, she delivered a baby at Bhandup’s Shrenik Hospital and after her delivery, she slipped into a coma. 

The family then moved her to Mulund’s Fortis Hospital for better treatment where doctors declared that she and her baby were suffering from dengue.

The nine-day-old baby was so critical that the platelets dropped down to 74k from 2 lakh. However, the baby’s health is now improving.

However, Deepa’s relatives are blaming doctors of Shrenik Hospital for her misfortunate death.

We will not take Deepa’s body in custody until doctors of Shrenik Hospital are prosecuted. We went to Bhandup Police Station to file a complaint against doctors but they did not entertain us. So, we went to Mulund DCP but we did not get any response,” Sheetal Mourya, Deepa Mourya’s sister.

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