BMC Recorded Zero Rain Related Deaths in July 2020

BMC Recorded Zero Rain Related Deaths in July 2020

Mumbai’s monsoons in the past have wreaked havoc on the city’s population. Not only with flooding, but also with the spread of diseases like malaria, dengue, and so on. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has now announced that it has not registered any deaths due to malaria, dengue, or leptospirosis in the month of July. This is a major feat for the civic body and also a first in five years. However, the cases of malaria nearly doubled in July from 438 in 2019 to 872 this year. 

Speaking on the extent of malaria infections in the city, Dr Gautam Bhansali from Bombay Hospital said, “Among monsoon ailments, we are mostly seeing malaria. We have treated few cases with Covid-malaria infection. All recovered.”

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BMC also mentioned that thanks to lockdowns and enhanced personal hygiene measures, cases of Hepatitis and Gastroenteritis saw its biggest fall in years. It is said that while 2019 reported 994 cases of gastroenteritis, the number fell to 53 in July 2020. Hepatitis too saw a similar dip, with only one case being reported in July this year while there were 270 cases in the same timeframe last year.

Additionally, leptospirosis which affected Mumbai last year with five deaths and 74 cases, only had 14 cases this year. BMC had taken stringent measures before the monsoons began to avoid a spike in water-borne diseases. The civic authorities added that a total of 5,144 mosquito breeding sites have been destroyed in the city since May this year.

With monsoons continuing for the coming weeks, it goes without saying that the fight against diseases like malaria and dengue are far from over. Meanwhile, as the battle with coronavirus still continues, new data is suggesting that Mumbai’s COVID-19 doubling rate is at 78 days, suggesting a slowing down of the rate of infection. However, nine wards of the BMC reported a shorter doubling rate than the city’s average, which is cause for concern. 

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