Cama Hospital successfully removes 65 fibroids from a 42-year-old woman

The surgery went on for 2.5 hours with minimal invasive surgery with just an incision of 6 cm


For the last two years, 42-year-old Devangi Poyrekar was suffering from severe abdominal pain and constant bleeding. However, she was unaware that the suffering she was going through was because of 65 fibroids which were there in her uterus.

Devangi was suffering from enlarged fibroids for the last two years. We immediately admitted her and started the treatment. During a treatment, we came across not one but 65 fibroids in her uterus and the biggest one was of 15 cm. We performed a surgery which lasted for 2.5 hours and most importantly we did not bother the uterus or remove it,” Dr Rajshree Katke, medical superintendent, Cama and Albless Hospital.

She went to various doctors for treatment but nothing worked out. She was advised to remove the uterus. Finally, she went to Cama & Albless Hospital where doctors took it as a challenge and treated her successfully.

We met so many doctors but nothing was working out. Finally, I got admitted to Cama Hospital on November 30. I thought doctors will remove my uterus and I was very scared. I was going through unbearable pain and so I decided to go for surgery,” Devangi Poyrekar.

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