Chikungunya strikes Mumbai

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    Chikungunya strikes Mumbai
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    Mumbai - After Dengue, Leptospirasis and Malairia now Chikungunya has also poped up again in Mumbai. After 2 years, 4 Chikungunya patients are found and 20 are feared to be affected. According to BMC report 3 patients are found in G North and 1 is found in M south area. BMC has warned Mumbaikars to be alert and take precautions against Chikungunya.

    Symptoms of Chikungunya
    Persistent fever -if it stays for 3 days or more, consult your physician.
    In Mumbai, from 1st to 12th October -

    Dengue 102
    Fever 5,798
    Lepto 18
    Chikungunya 4
    Feared dengue-1,813
    Feared Chikungunya 20 patients have been found.

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