Are the civic hospitals well-equipped and prepared during Mumbai rains?

With fever OPDs and addition of new beds just for monsoon-related illness, these are the preparations done by civic-run hospitals for Mumbai's monsoon.

Are the civic hospitals well-equipped and prepared during Mumbai rains?

While the city is in the middle of the monsoon season, there is always an outbreak of several diseases like dengue, swine flu, cholera, typhoid, gastroenteritis and leptospirosis. The civic-run hospitals are always flooded with patients and the issues of lack of beds and proper medical care are inevitable. 

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Speaking about monsoon preparations by Nair Hospital, Dr. Ramesh Bharmal, Dean of BYL Nair Hospital said,

We have started the monsoon OPD in Nair and as well as in all 16 Peripheral Hospitals and 3 Medical Colleges. 100 news beds are functional only for monsoon-related illness and a maximum number of ventilators are also kept in Tertiary care. Further, medicine status related to monsoon is taken on a weekly basis and complied.  

Reportedly, at Nair Hospital, there have been 35 cases of fever, 4 cases of gastroenteritis, 1 suspected case of leptospirosis and dengue till July 7.  

Speaking about the same, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Executive Health officer, Padmaja Keskar said,

We have started fever OPDs which will be available at night also and there will be a considerable addition of beds and diagnostic labs in all civic-run hospitals.   

Authorities at J.J. Hospital said,

We have a Disaster Management Ward for mass casualty events like bridge collapse, floods and outbreak of diseases. This a 40-bed ward which can be expanded if there's an intake of more patients and further this ward will be specific for disaster only and won't be used otherwise.

Speaking about the arrangements at KEM Hospital for incessant monsoon, a BMC health executive stated,

There are special wards for cases of Malaria and Dengue and the hospital authorities are ensuring that water doesn't stagnate near the hospital premises as this can worsen the condition of patients and doctors alike. The hospital is further ensuring that doctors are also healthy and regular check-ups are conducted. People can always reach out to us for any issues at our helpline number- 1916. 

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