Diabetic patients should be cautious during the summer as they could face kidney problems

Patients must carry an insulin pouch and bottle of water while stepping out in the sun


The temperature is increasing day by day across the city and is affecting people of all age groups. However, extreme heat is not good for people with high blood pressure and diabetes, according to diabetologist Dr Roshni Gadge.

She also shared a few tips for diabetic patients to follow while stepping out in the sun.  

Whenever a diabetic patient or high blood pressure patient is stepping out in the sun, he/she should carry a bottle of water and necessary medicines.

People who have type-1 diabetes, must carry an insulin pouch and the same should be preserved an ideal temperature or else it wears out.

Apart from this, patients can also consume Glucometre, Glucostrips, lemon water, salt water, Kokam juice when the sugar level drops in the body.

Rise in temperature can cause dizziness in diabetic patients especially when the sugar level drops. Along with this, dehydration directly affects kidneys. Diabetic patients should avoid walking barefoot as heat can cause ulcers which if goes untreated, can be septic.

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