Eman's treatment starts at Saifee Hospital

  • Eman's treatment starts at Saifee Hospital

Charni Road - Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty (36), reportedly the world's heaviest at 500 kg, is currently in Mumbai for a scheduled bariatric surgery.

Eman was flown from Egypt to India on a specially modified cargo plane. She will undergo a series of operations to lose her weight and is being treated at the Saifee hospital, located opposite Charni Road station.

A seven feet wide hospital bed has been custom made for Eman, and this is housed within a  separate cabin, which will be Eman's home for the next six months. The newly made one- bed hospital comprises an intensive care unit (ICU), two restrooms, one operation theatre and a video conferencing setup. Around Rs 2 crore have been spent on Eman's cabin.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Dr Mufazzal Lakdawala, one of country's leading bariatric surgeons who is heading the team looking after Eman said,"The massive weight is just one of the woman's problems. She has been confined to her bed for more than two decades, unable to move due to her weight. She also suffers from several medical complications due to her weight and continued immobility over the years, making her case very complex and high risk. Even my colleagues at Saifee Hospital told me that it will be a risk treating her but I took the risk. My priority will be to save Eman and give her quality of life.

Dr. Lakdawala added: "Since her weight is 500 kgs, operating will be difficult at this point in time. Her BMI is 252 whereas the normal BMI should be 24 so operating her is a task full of complications."

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