Face additional restrictions if you're not fully vaccinated for COVID-19

Face additional restrictions if you're not fully vaccinated for COVID-19

Amidst the ongoing Omicron scare, the state government of Maharashtra is contemplating on imposing restrictions on citizens who have not been fully vaccinated against coronavirus (COVID-19). As per reports, those who haven’t taken the second jab of the vaccine will face some issues in the state, and a decision regarding the same would be announced soon.

A report regarding the same was published in the Free Press Journal. 

It is being said that more than 1.75 crore citizens in the state have not received their second dose the vaccine, and this raises the risk of spread the infection. Senior officials from the ministry have expressed their displeasure regarding the same and have appealed to the citizens to get vaccinated. Warning has also been issued that if both the vaccines are not received, then the individuals will have to face additional restrictions, as curbs will be imposed selectively. 

In a conversation with the Free Press Journal, Deputy CM Ajit Pawar said that all the eligible citizens in the state should support the government in fighting the virus and choosing not to get vaccinated is not an option. To strengthen the same, the government has been deciding on certain restrictions, which will restrict their activities in the state. Strict steps will be taken only to encourage citizens to get vaccinated as directed. 

The state health department, over the last several months, has worked hard to procure the vaccnies for the citizens, and with enough doses available, citizens who haven’t taken the second dose, have been appealed to get vaccinated. Data reveals that only 4.37 crore people out of the 12.03 vaccinated, have taken their second dose. This implies that over 7 crore have only taken their first dose of the vaccine.

Quoting a senior official, the publication reported, “The government may ask the district administration to restrict the entry of people who have not taken their second shot into government and private offices, at malls and shopping complexes. In addition, the district administration may direct ration shops, gas agencies and petrol pumps to supply groceries and fuel only to those people who have taken the second jab.”

Clarifications have been issues that the current discussions are only to ensure people get vaccinated for the infection. Meanwhile, Health Minister Rajesh Tope has confirmed that no restrictions will be imposed over the Omicron scare, however, government has appealed to the citizens to follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines strictly. 

A few international passengers who entered the India and were infected with COVID-19 have been quarantined and their samples have been sent for testing. Earlier on December 8, 2021, a 33-year-old traveller who entered Dombivli was suspected for Omicron infection, however, post the negative report, he was discharged from the hospital and asked to isolate for a few more days owing to the COVID infection.

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