Surgery successful on Emam Ahmed; sheds 120 kgs

Surgery successful on Emam Ahmed; sheds 120 kgs

Mumbai - World’s most obese woman Eman Ahmed's bariatric surgery has shed her 120 kgs. This information is shared by Saifee Hospitals' Dr Muffazal Lakdawala. After a diet and a surgery, this miracle took place.

According to the doctors at Saifee Hospital, Emam Ahmed was brought to India a month ago when she was very much overweighting now she weighs around 380 kg.

Dr Muffazal Lakdawala and other doctors are trying to bring down her weight to 200 kgs for which her belly fat can be cut down. It can take more than six months for this process. When Imam Ahmed arrived in India her weight was 252 percent more than the mass index of the normal unit.

Lakdawala who is well-known for performing bariatric surgeries said that now Emam Ahmed sits on her own and after some days she will be able to walk. After 25 days of the second surgery, she will shed more 50 kg weight.

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