Mobile medical service for senior citizens in Mulund

Mobile medical service for senior citizens in Mulund

Doctors and staff of Fortis Hospital (Mulund) have started 'Clinic on Wheel' service in the premises of Wamanrao Muranjan High School.

Medical facilities will be provided free of cost to all senior citizens through 'Clinic on Wheels'. Medical Advice will be provided as this service will be available from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM on weekdays.

In this mobile clinic, the facility of ECG, blood sugar and BP is available. Doctors and nurses will be available to guide people.

If needed, this on-the-go medical service also provides oxygen. Among other services, wheelchair access also holds a spot. Dr. Srinivas Thakur inaugurated this service.

According to Dr. Thakur, medical services for senior citizens should be made available at their residence. Instead of them coming to the hospital or clinic, it’s better if the service comes to them.

We feel it’s a positive initiative and the city needs more of the same.