Heart patient dies while waiting in the queue at KEM Hospital

52-year-old heart patient’s friend alleges that because of doctor’s negligence, Ram Chandne died at the hospital


A heart patient was reportedly made to stand in the queue by doctors at KEM Hospital for over three hours and later collapsed on the floor and died, alleged deceased’s relatives.

On Tuesday, Naigaon resident Ram Chandane (52) felt restless and experienced pain in his heart. With the help of his friends, he came to KEM Hospital on Tuesday night around 11:30 pm. Doctors carried out two ECG tests where uneven heartbeats were recorded and though he was in need of immediate medical attention, he was asked to undergo other tests, alleged deceased's friend Anil Tervankar. 

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He added that Chandne was told that his heartbeats were normal and he should get a blood test done with other tests as well. Though he was feeling ill, he stood in the queue. It was 2:30 in the night when he collapsed and before any doctor could react, he died, said Tervankar.

KEM Hospital Dean, Dr. Avinash Supe, said that after treating Chandane for a heartache, he was asked to perform other tests and while he was standing in the queue, he collapsed and died. He added that he will be investigating the matter to probe the man's death. 

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