List of containment zones in Ward R Central - Borivali

List of containment zones in Ward R Central - Borivali

We are currently in the fifth phase of the lockdown that has been imposed to control the spread of COVID-19. This phase will remain in effect till June 30. The total number of cases in Mumbai are inching toward the 45,000-mark. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has sealed a number of buildings in Mumbai. 

Here is the list of containment zones in Ward R/C - Borivali as of June 4:

  • RC 543 400066 Raidongri, Raidongri, Weh, Borivali East
  • RC 544 400066 Kajupada, Rikshaw Stand Road, Ganesh Cowk,Borivali East
  • RC 545 400066 Jai Jawan, Fci Godown Rd, Nr Masjid, Borivali East
  • RC 546 400066 Dadasaheb Chawl, Dattapada Rd, Rupwate Nagar, Borivali East
  • RC 547 400066 Kulup Wadi, Kulup Wadi, Kulup Wadi, Borivali East
  • RC 548 400066 Daulat Nagar, S V Road, Neharu Nagar, Borivali East
  • RC 549 400066 Sukurwadi, Sukurwadi, Bus Depot Sukurwadi, Borivali East
  • RC 550 400092 Patil House, Eksar Rd, Talepakhadi, Borivali West
  • RC 551 400092 Saiprasad Chawl, Shimpoli Road, Atal Smruti Uddyan, Borivali West
  • RC 552 400092 Ratnabai Chawl, Borsapada Road, Op. Borsapada Ho, Borivali West
  • RC 553 400092 Ek Dongri Chawl, Eksar Road, Gandhi Nagar, Borivali West
  • RC 554 400092 New Adarsh Society, Gorai Road, Borivali West.

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    (Note: More information regarding the containment zones, isolation centres and more is available on the MCGM website here)