Surya Hospital saves 22-week-old 'Miracle Baby'

Surya Hospital saves 22-week-old 'Miracle Baby'

Doctors at Surya Hospital, Santacruz, were successful in saving 22-weeks-old Nirvan and named him as a ‘Miracle Baby’.

On May 12, 2017, Ritika Bajaj experienced labour and doctors decided to perform the delivery immediately. When the baby was delivered he weighed only 610 grams and was immediately kept on a ventilator and after four months the baby was given a discharge.

When the baby was born, his lungs were not fully developed. So, we kept him on artificial breathing system for 12 weeks, out of which, for six weeks, he was kept on a ventilator. We performed laser treatment for his eyes and did hernia operation as well,” says Dr Bhupendra Avasti, director, Surya Child Care.

It is also being said that Nirvan's weight dropped to 500 grams. But now, after four months of observation and treatment, he weighs 3.5 kilos and is apparently the first 22-weeks-old baby in India to live.

In India, around 13% of pre-mature deliveries take place prior due date. We are happy that we could save Nirvan," says Dr Bhupendra Avasti, director, Surya Child Care.

Surya Hospital holds a record of saving premature babies. Back in 2011, the doctors there had saved a 24-weeks-old baby, and in 2015, they had saved a 23-weeks-old baby. Now, in 2017, they saved Nirvan, the 22-weeks-old baby.

Kudos to the efforts put by the doctors and the hospital. 

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