MUHS Board asks for removal of the controversial virginity test from MBBS syllabus

The Board has recommended the university vice-chancellor to remove chapters referring to the method of conducting virginity tests after calling it unscientific


In order to eliminate the controversial virginity test, the Board of Studies under Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) has recommended that a chapter on virginity test be removed from the second year MBBS curriculum.

The MUHS board members had raised the issue in April during a meeting, after the forensic department of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS), Wardha, had written a letter. The letter had pointed out that there was no scientific method of conducting a virginity test on a woman and that there was a need to do away with the practice.

Virginity test is the examination of female genital organs to confirm whether the woman has undergone sexual intercourse. It is commonly undertaken in rape cases to assess if the victim is habitual to intercourse, and in divorce cases, where there are allegations of unconsummated marriages.

The two common methods to assess virginity include a two-finger test, where two fingers are inserted in hymen opening, and measuring the size of hymen opening. The Supreme Court has directed against the practice of the two-finger test.

Meanwhile, the current MBBS curriculum also consists of details on 'false virgin' and 'true virgin'. 

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