India celebrates 'Oral Hygiene Day'

India celebrates 'Oral Hygiene Day'

August 1 is celebrated as ‘The Oral Hygiene Day’ in India. The Oral hygiene day was introduced to celebrate the birth anniversary of the doyen of Indian Periodontics and founder of the Indian Society of Periodontology (ISP), Dr G B Shankwalkar, who was born on August 1.

Its primary objective is to spread the message of Oral health and its importance to curb the ignorant trend of neglect which has been one of the main causes for dental diseases. Nevertheless, the dental community observes that the Oral hygiene of an average Indian has improved in the last decade.

Every year, on this day, Government Dental Hospital, Fort, arranges a health camp to spread awareness about oral hygiene. Around 60,00,000 people visit the hospital to treat cavities , according to Dr Mansingh Pawar.

There is less awareness among people about oral health in Maharashtra. You should tell your children how to brush or floss your teeth each time after eating. However, after some time this habit goes away and cavities are observed among people,” Dr Mansingh Pawar

Nearly 70 per cent people do not know about oral diseases. People damage their oral heath with tobacco, gutka and other carcinogenic substances. The number of oral cancer cases are on a rise as there is no awareness about the damage these substances cause. There’s an 80 per cent rise in the number of cancer cases which are caused due to tobacco.

From January 1 to July 31, 5382 people have been treated in the camp. Due to changing lifestyle, there’s a change in eating habits and oral hygiene is not really maintained.

Dr Varun Suryavanshi, a dentist at Government Dental Hospital has advised all the people to maintain oral hygiene and follow the basic habits associated with oral hygiene.