Cancer and cardiovascular diseases cost less, 53 percent fall in prices

NPPA has given relief to the patients by reducing the prices of approximately 874 medicines


The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has monitored a total of 51 medicines for cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and other diseases. Making an important decision to reduce prices of 51 drugs by 6 to 53 per cent, NPPA has given a big relief to patients suffering from cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

The prices of medicines which have been reduced include medicines for painkillers and skin disorders. Due to the increase in skin disorders in the last few years, this will act as a major relief for such patients.

Complaints of drug companies robbing patients and other people to make profits are frequently encountered. At the same time, there are many patients who cannot afford to buy medicines. In view of this, NPPA has been controlling the prices of important medicines for the last few years.

So far, NPPA has given relief to the patients by reducing the prices of approximately 874 medicines. In the name of loot, hospitals used to sell stent for million bucks. Stents which are available from 25 to 30 thousand rupees were being sold for two and a half million rupees.

Along with this, companies and doctors loot patients who undergo knee replacement by selling them required equipment at higher rates. Therefore, NPPA intervened and capped the prices reducing the prices of knee implants.

NPPA capped prices of these medicines

  • Hydroelectric Platin Injection (100 mg) - Intestinal cancer
  • Rubella Mizales Vaxin
  • SEVA FLUEN - Dysfunction
  • Phyto-Maidadine- Vitamin K-1 - Blood fracture
  • BCG Vaccine - Vaccine on TB Disease

Many believe that only rich people deal with heart diseases but it is a myth. This disease can happen to anyone, of any caste and class due to the change in lifestyle.

Diseases like cancer and heart failures require an intake of expensive medicines which poor people cannot afford. However, now as the central government has capped the prices, this will benefit poor people the most,” Dr. Vijay Surase, Cardiologist. 

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