Leptospirosis alert in the city as two people lose their lives

On Tuesday, lepto claimed a 15-year-old's life and on Wednesday, a 28-year-old man died due to the same reason

Leptospirosis alert in the city as two people lose their lives

Every monsoon, Mumbaikars have to face water logging and flooded areas, thanks to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation's (BMC) mismanagement and lackadaisical attitude. During this monsoon, people fall prey to water-borne diseases.

One such dreadful disease is leptospirosis which has claimed two lives in the city.

On Tuesday, 15-year-old Ramesh Kale was admitted to Sion Hospital when he showed symptoms of leptospirosis for more than a week before he was brought to the hospital on Sunday. After getting admitted to the hospital, his health starting deteriorating. Within 24 hours, he succumbed to the infection.

On Wednesday, leptospirosis claimed another life of a 28-year-old man. Deceased Imtiyaz Ali was admitted to Sion Hospital on January 23, 2018. His medical reports confirmed that he was diagnosed with leptospirosis. During the treatment, his health deteriorated and was moved to the ICU. However, he died on June 27, 2018.

Post these incidents, the BMC and health department have decided to inspect in and around Kurla.

Meanwhile, the BMC has issued an advisory, asking Mumbaikars to stay away from waterlogged areas. Also, if they happen to wade in the water, they should take antibiotics.

Dr Padmaja Keskar, executive health officer (EHO), BMC said that people who walk through rainwater must immediately wash their feet with clean water and visit a doctor if they were exposed to it for more than 30 minutes.