Online doctor consultation anytime and anywhere with Bajaj Finserv

Individuals can seek guidance from experts from the comfort of their residence and save on the cost and duration of treatment.

Online doctor consultation anytime and anywhere with Bajaj Finserv

Online consultation with doctors allows patients and their family members to get necessary and immediate medical advice without the burden of travelling miles. Individuals can seek guidance from experts from the comfort of their residence and save on the cost and duration of treatment.

What is an online consultation?

Online doctor consultation is an easy and accessible way of getting medical assistance from specialists across the country in the comfort of your home. You can easily book an online appointment, consult the doctor through audio or video calls, and get the desired medication.

Technology-enabled teleconsultation enables you to complete all the procedures using smart devices. All you have to do is fill in an online form to book the slot, get an appointment with an expert, and interact with their selected physician at the scheduled time.

Benefits of online consultation

Following are the advantages you can obtain by availing of online consultation:

  • Save on travel costs

It becomes difficult for patients to travel to doctor’s clinics with their health complications. They can reduce this inconvenience by undergoing a telecommunication process. You can consult a medical specialist across the country and get the required assistance without travelling personally to their clinic.

  • Time-saving approach

Individuals can instantly communicate with their preferred doctors whenever they require medical advice or guidance. Moreover, you do not need to wait in queues and easily get assistance and medication over an audio or video call.

  • Convenient sessions

Patients complete the consultation process with their physicians from the comfort of their homes, making the process quite hassle-free.

  • Extended availability

As these modes of consultation are available 24x7, patients do not have to wait if they need immediate guidance due to severe symptoms.

  • Zero exposure to infections

In a physical visit to a doctor’s clinic, there is a risk of getting affected by other patients as they have to wait for long hours. They can eliminate this risk to a large extent by opting for teleconsultation.

  • Cost-effective consultation

Since patients can avoid going to the physical clinic of physicians, they do not have to spend significantly on commute. The visiting fees are also lesser in an online consultation.

How is teleconsultation transforming India’s healthcare sector?

This new mode of technology-enabled consultation with physicians has significantly impacted the healthcare sector of India, especially in addressing the challenge of health care inequities.

Patients from rural areas or small towns encounter are constrained to going to larger cities to access better healthcare facilities. With teleconsultation, patients from the villages, tier 1 and tier 2 cities can also avail of medical guidance from specialised experts conveniently.

It has also enhanced the overall system of keeping medical records of patients. This integrated medical dossier can help doctors give patients more informed and effective advice regarding their future health complications.

How to save more on teleconsultation with insurance policies?

Individuals can increase their chances of saving more from online consultation by keeping themselves secured under the insurance plans tailored for this purpose. They can purchase one such policy from Bajaj Finserv. This Health Prime Insurance policy helps save up to Rs. 10,000 at a nominal membership charge of Rs. 699 per year.

Following are some of the benefits people can get within the policy period:

  • It helps individuals communicate with doctors through video calls or teleconsultation.
  • Members can get a 10% discount while purchasing medicines at hospitals in India.
  • Individuals can also ask for financial assistance to pay the bills of treatment during a medical emergency.
  • They can also complete their medical diagnosis at a 10% discount from selected test centres.

This way, individuals can minimise their overall expenses of medical consultation and get their treatment completed at a reduced cost by covering themselves under this Health Prime plan.

Apart from this, Bajaj Finserv also offers over 470 Pocket Insurance plans on health, lifestyle, travel, etc. Individuals can ensure protection against everyday causality and get financial assistance in an emergency by staying covered under those plans.

Online consultation with doctors has brought agility, availing medical advice from specialised physicians. Residents in rural areas and towns with inadequate medical infrastructure can get effective medical consultation anytime, cost-effectively, through their smart devices.

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