Pokemon Go Harmful for Children ?

  • Pokemon Go Harmful for Children ?

Mumbai - Mumbai city is registering many cases of children who are badly affected by Pokemon Go game. Many children are seen with their mobiles wandering aimlessly in lanes catching Pokemon. Initially, it was considered as fun but now it is affecting children’s studies says, doctors. “Pokemon is not something bad but if any child is overdoing it, and then it’s a matter of concern. This game is affecting children’s attention span. Nowadays, children are spending more time on this game than on studies. This is making children introvert and cut off from the real world. We can call it as one type of addiction” Sagar Mundada, Psychologist, JJ hospital. He also added that if children will spend less time playing the game, this will help them in a better way.

Ashwini Pujary, mother of 4 years old also raised

concern over the increasing craze of Pokemon Go. “This game actually affects the attention span of children as they stay indoors more than playing outdoor games. I am against this game as it makes children socially awkward" she said.

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