These women kept humanity alive

These women kept humanity alive
These women kept humanity alive
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Kurla - There was an old woman outside Kurla station who was in pain but nobody bothered to lend her a helping hand. While some showed empathy, some chose to ignore her. However, there were five such women who were different than the crowd. These women are teachers by profession and teach at Kurla’s Orchid school.

Ankita Boricha, Rita Dasri, Kinjal Singh, Vrushali Raut and Rinki Devi acted like good Samaritans and rushed to help the old woman. Firstly they went to police station for some help but they were given the reason of jurisdiction and were asked to leave. Then they rushed to the ambulance which was parked outside the station. After speaking to the control room, they got the permission to ply the woman in the ablulance. However, later they got to know that the parked ambulance was non-functional. After one and half hours, another ambulance came over and started treating her without admitting her. When these teachers started shooting on mobile, concerned officials of ambulance admitted her. Currently, she is getting treated at Sion hospital and will be shifted at old age home once she feels better, informed teachers.

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