Viral 'Angiography video' is fake according to doctors at JJ Hospital

Doctors confirm that technology shown in the video does not exist


A video which is currently going viral on all social media platforms talks about angiography available at a lower price with new technology but this video is fabricated according to doctors at JJ Hospital. 

The video shows the procedure of angiography with the help of graphics. In the description, the uploader has mentioned that this procedure is available only for ₹5000.

However, when Mumbai Live spoke to Dr. Narendra Bansal, head of cardiology department, JJ Hospital, he said that the video is fake.


This video is a bogus one as the technology which is shown in the video does not exist. And it is not possible, that this surgery can be done in mere ₹5000. Its actual cost goes up to 40-50k. I will urge people not to believe this video and inquire at the hospital," Dr Bansal.