Wedding anniversary @ Lokmanya hospital


Sion- When we think of wedding anniversary, we think of celebrations, cutting the cake, and dancing to the tunes. But this man is different. Mumbai’s businessman J K Shah donated machines worth Rs. 62 lakhs to the Sion’s Lokmanya Tilak hospital on the occasion of his 62nd wedding anniversary. Machines such as a portable ventilator, ECG machine, infusion pumps, life supporting machine, and trolley have been donated. He did this Samaritan act on 9th December 2016 in the presence of Lokmanya Hospital’s staff. For the last 15 years, Shah has been helping out patients under his ‘Bidhada’ organization. “In 1973 we came up with Bidhda social organisation. When we got to know that the Lokmanya hospital need life support machines, we all friends came together and donated the machines. We asked others as well to donate some money instead of washing it,” said J K Shah, donor.