Will someone treat JJ Hospital for its ills?


Bhykhala - It has the feel of an overcrowded railway station and the ambience of a congested bus stand. In reality, this is J J hospital, one of the oldest and most reputed places of healing in the city of Mumbai. Today, it is in shambles. Patients from all over Maharashtra visit this hospital for treatment for various ailments, but neither are they looked after well nor do they get the necessary facilities.
The women's ward is in the most dilapidated state. The hygiene conditions here would make the strongest squirm. Toilets, that are not even lit properly, could be termed worse than gutters.There are no doors or curtains at the toilets to offer a semblance of privacy. Relatives of patients sit and rest in the corridors, adding to the general confusion. Is the hospital management responsible for this? Or is the state government?


Coronavirus cases are on a rise and considering the increasing crowd in the Mumbai local trains, do you think the government and railways should revise guidelines and allow only a certain section of workers to travel in the trains thereby ensure safety? Share your thoughts...
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