Woman undergoes an abortion, yet delivers a baby after eight months at Sion Hospital

Due to a poor financial background, residents of Kurla, Yashwant and Deepa Kadam, took a decision to abort the baby. However, months later, the duo have filed a complaint stating that due to the hospital's negligence the treatment was not performed correctly.

Woman undergoes an abortion, yet delivers a baby after eight months at Sion Hospital

It is always been said that government-run hospitals don’t care about their patients who mostly come from poor background and cannot afford expensive surgeries. These hospitals are the only hope for underprivileged people. However, there are many cases, which shows government’s callousness.

Last December, Kurla resident Deepa Kadam delivered a baby boy at Sion Hospital, which they had not planned off. Now, after six months, Deepa Kadam and her husband Yashwant Kadam have filed a complaint against doctors at Sion Hospital for their negligence.

What’s the story?

Kurla residents Yashwant and his wife Deepa have two children and come from a poor financial background. Deepa got pregnant third time but due to the financial constraint, the family decided to go for abortion. For the same, they went to Sion Hospital and met gynecologist Dr. N N Chavhan who gave a green signal for the procedure as Deepa was only two months pregnant then.

Doctor’s negligence led to a birth

Post-abortion, Deepa started facing health issues and she went back to the hospital for a check-up. Dr Chavhan assured that whatever she was facing, was nothing to be worried about. After three months, she saw changes in her body and once again went to the hospital. But after check-up, it was confirmed that she was five months pregnant. When she confronted, all the doctor had to give was excuses.

The baby was born in the eighth month

When Deepa entered eight months of her pregnancy, her doctors suggested her to go for early labour. They threatened her saying that blood was not reaching to baby’s brain and so she should not wait. Keeping the seriousness in mind, the couple agreed and Deepa delivered a baby boy through cesarean.

We are very poor and so, we decided to go for abortion. Because of doctor’s negligence, we are now suffering,” Deepa Kadam.

However, when Mumbai Live spoke to Sion Hospital’s Dean Dr. Jayashree Mondkar, she did admit that a surgery was performed but also defended by saying that this happens in many cases.

It has happened with a lot of women. They go for abortion, but for some or the other reason, abortion procedure fails and a woman remains pregnant.”

Talking about the allegation, Mondkar also said that the patient should have come to the hospital when she didn’t get her periods.

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